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We are Franchise Lawyers

That Protect and Secure Your Enterprise Value

How We Work

We are franchise lawyers that protect and secure your franchise business’ enterprise value. Making sure that the legal frameworks we develop or review are driven by the commercial needs of your business, not the other way around. Working closely with established and emerging franchise systems and the entrepreneurs behind them. We thrive on helping our clients create well-structured businesses with tailor made franchise agreements. That not only secures a franchise network but also is the very foundation of creating exceptional asset value, for the franchisor and their stakeholders.

Franchise Lawyers that Secure Enterprise Value

We develop franchise agreements and disclosure documents. We work with you and often with our consulting team developing the commercial policies that establish ‘the rules of engagement’ for franchisors and their franchisees. These are the foundation from which we develop the franchise legal agreements for many of Australia’s leading franchise networks, acting for them as they recruit each franchisee to their network.

Franchising and Beyond

Our specialist team of franchise lawyers is recognised as a leader across all facets of franchise law in Australasia. Whether you’re setting up a business, establishing a franchise network or need help with lease negotiations and agreements, step-in deeds, or a simple franchisee or license review, we’ve done thousands. From family trusts to partnerships to limited liability companies, our consulting and legal teams will create the business structures that will facilitate your growth and ultimately your exit strategy. We handle many of the associated legal needs of our franchisor clients including license, distribution and supply agreements, master and multi-unit franchise and area development agreements.

Going International or Bringing a Franchise to Australia

We assist Australian franchisors expanding their networks overseas with a full range of services including intellectual property protection and we similarly assist international franchises looking to establish their networks in Australia. We act for many Master Franchisees bringing successful franchise concepts from overseas into Australia, assisting them in negotiating the franchise agreements upon which their network will be built and developing the franchise disclosure documents required under Australian law.

How we can help?

Whether you are establishing a franchise network, maintaining, converting or diversifying a mature network, or simply buying or selling a business we provide practical legal advice without the jargon at a fixed fee. The synergy of having our consultants and franchise lawyers working together is what ultimately delivers the security and protection of your enterprise value. This unique combination serves your specific needs to hold your intellectual property, grant franchises, manufacture, license or supply, to expand interstate and overseas.

We advise franchisors, franchisees and suppliers to the franchising sector on all legal aspects.

Securing and Realizing Enterprise Value

• Franchise Agreements
• Disclosure Documents
• Licensing and Distribution Agreements
• Commercial and Retail Leasing
• Buying and Selling Businesses

Protecting your Brand

• Intellectual Property
• Trademarks

The Difficult Moments

• Dispute Resolution